Jewish National Fund Forms Partnership with National Jewish Memorial Wall

Jewish National Fund (JNF) has partnered with National Jewish Memorial Wall (NJMW) to expand the numerous services available to our donors. JNF will offer automated Yahrzeit reminders (the anniversary of the death of a relative), as well as the opportunity to plant a tree in Israel to memorialize family, friends, and loved ones.

“JNF strives to provide new and exciting services for our donors,” said Amanda Levine, JNF Products Manager. “Creating online memorial plaques and Yahrzeit reminders is something we are thrilled to be able to offer our donors who have chosen to memorialize loved ones with the long-standing tradition of planting trees in Israel.”

NJMW enables members to create a memorial plaque online and set reminders for Yahrzeit at Through this new partnership, JNF’s Plant-A-Tree option has been adeed where people can plant commemorative trees in Israel with JNF.

Memorial plaques placed on the walls of synagogues serve as touchstones for the bereaved. NJMW takes those plaques to the next level by allowing people to create them in cyberspace. The website also enables members to write tributes to their loved ones and post pictures.

“We created these web-based services for friends and family members to have a place to share and take part in certain Jewish traditions,” said Michael Schimmel, founder and CEO of NJMW. “In part, we help bring together family members who live in different parts of the world to maintain family relationships by providing a platform to honor and commemorate. We are proud to partner with JNF to offer our members the meaningful option of planting trees in Israel as a tribute to their loved ones.”

Now, members will also be able to participate in the time-honored tradition of planting trees in Israel with JNF in memory of loved ones. For each tree planted, a beautiful certificate is sent to the recipient with a personalized message.

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