Sympathy Brands Joins Forces with Zoom to Modernize End-of-Life Events

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MIAMI, FL — May, 11 2021 – Sympathy Brands, parent company to, and, the leading resources and platforms for end-of-life matters, announces it has teamed up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to modernize how we mourn, grieve, honor and celebrate loved ones. Sympathy Brands’ Viewneral® Suite is designed to deliver a robust and streamlined experience for engaging and interacting with others prior to, during, and after a loss.

Sympathy Brands is the leading marketplace for consumers, providing a one stop shop for educational resources and virtual platforms for advanced planning seminars, arrangement meetings, funeral and memorial services and personalized do-it-yourself  Virtual Gatherings. Its technology is packed with interactive tools that help to make navigating loss and grief easier. Sympathy Brands’ application is customized and enriched for this newly emerging industry focus.

Through its collaboration with Zoom, Sympathy Brands has a turnkey platform for the end-of-life industry with Viewneral®. Viewneral is designed specifically for consumers and the funeral and cemetery industries. Bringing technology to everyone, especially at a time when it is needed most, allows families to remain connected and engage in traditional mourning practices, providing closure and comfort from their support network. “We are honored to have Sympathy Brands join our ISV Partner Program at Zoom,” said Paul Magnaghi, Global ISV Partner Program Leader at Zoom. “The Viewneral platform is a good example of why we are so passionate about how partners can build on Zoom to deliver the right solution at the right time to bring people together. Zoom is privileged to be a part of Viewneral and we look forward to continued innovation from Michael and team.”

“With social distancing rules, travel restrictions, and shutdowns there was a major shift,” says Michael Schimmel, CEO of Sympathy Brands. “Virtual funerals, memorials and gatherings became a necessary addition to the mourning process which now allows those unable to travel or attend services to be there in support of friends and family. Technology is now expected and used in end-of-life planning, coordination and events.”

Sympathy Brands mission is helping people. By bringing the industry and consumers together through technology and on-demand concierge services, it helps build efficiencies, reduce stress and ensure the experience is cohesive and inclusive. Including modern technology in one of the most traditional industries gives funeral homes and families an opportunity to communicate in a more holistic manner, providing an ability to participate in all aspects of a service and allowing loved ones to “be there” for one another.

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As part of the extensive Sympathy Brands portfolio,, and connect families and funeral homes through the stages of planning, service, and aftercare with its consumer brands, proprietary Viewneral® technology, and nationwide concierge services. The companies provide a modern approach to end-of-life matters. Sympathy Brands’ strategic partners include best-in-class funeral homes, cemeteries, financial service companies, non-profits, bakeries and caterers to make planning and fulfillment supportive, convenient and seamless. For more information, please visit, and and

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