Unique Approach Propels Sympathy Brands Team Growth

CEO Michael Schimmel founded Sympathy Brands on a single simple belief, during the toughest of times, there had to be a way to make it easier to support those in need. Based on the intersection of modernization and personalization, respecting the traditions and roots of the industry, Sympathy Brands set out to help consumers and industry experts alike as end-of-life matters impact us all.

As the industry recognizes the value of increased touchpoints and follow-up with families with Aftercare, expanded inclusion with Viewneral® and many other services, Sympathy Brands continues to innovate.

Over the last few months, the team has been growing to service you. Recognizing and appreciating the sensitivities in the industry, expansion comes with maintaining a commitment to a team of dedicated, passionate, caring, professional and reliable people. Introducing the newest members of Sympathy Brands:

Katie Ash JenniferMehlman Headshot 1
Katie Ash – Client Experience Associate
Katie’s warmth and compassion shine when assisting Sympathy Brands’ customers. Her keen ability to listen and hear everyone’s needs and wants to ensure that every customer’s questions are answered seamlessly and with genuine care.
Jenny Mehlman – Marketing Senior Director
Jenny’s passion and expertise is removing barriers and bringing people together. Leveraging her extensive experience engaging with consumers, customers and broader industry experts alike, she brings a balanced perspective of business, strategy and communication to Sympathy Brands with the intention of creating stronger community.
Daniela 1 Sigismondo 01 1
Daniela Nelke – Product Manager
Focused on creating an intuitive user experience, Daniela designs, enhances and builds great solutions for Sympathy Brands’ customers. She pieces together all aspects of an individual’s digital journey to develop technology and features that anyone can easily navigate and feel confident using.
Marc Sigismondo – Client Experience Manager
A leader in communications, Marc ensures Sympathy Brands’ customers have a best-in-class experience each time they contact the company. His ability to listen and understand people, advocate for them and effectively converse in all forms guides Sympathy Brands in bringing the best of human engagement to its customers.

Sympathy Brands continues to develop new initiatives that help those in need and is excited to introduce you to new faces in the future.

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